PA mini wire rope hoist
  Posting Date : 2020-08-09 04:27:51

Detailed Product Description


PA200, PA250, PA300, PA400, PA 500, PA600, PA700, PA800, PA1000

PA mini wire rope electric hoist

PA mini wire rope electric hoist capacity:100kgs-1000kgs

PA mini wire rope electric hoist lift height: 6m/12m(can be longer)

PA mini wire rope electric hoist lift speed:10m/min/5m/min


PA mini wire rope electric hoist we produce can be used in factories, mines, agriculture, electric power, construction building site, dock and warehouse for installing machine, lifting cargoes, loading and unloading the trucks.


Efficient, light motor, non-asbestos brake system, low energy consumption.

Punching Steel shell, lightweight and strong.

High-strength safety hook, to bear the accident will not impact overload fracture, only gradual deformation.

Compact, handsome and durable system of linked plastic bag.

Limit switch: Hanging hanged under the limit switches are installed so that the motor automatically stops to prevent the chain beyond, to ensure security.

Reverse protection devices: A special electrical wiring, when the power connection errors, control circuit can not move. 

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